Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fuggers Meets Gymnastics....AGAIN!!!

It's like Christmas.  Once again.  Here's a list of reasons why.
1. I am excited.
2. The Fuggers covered gymnasts again!
3. If you don't know why that is exciting, you haven't been concentrating
4. You need to go back and read the other Fugger post.
5.  Any way, this time it's about A-Sac and they were really nice.
6.  They said; 
“But our biggest almost-squeal of glee came after the show when we almost bumped into heartbreaking Olympic gymnast Alicia Sacramone standing across from the Bryant Park Hotel — upright, on both feet, and with a cute boy to boot. Alicia looked deeply fierce in giant shades, a black dress, a blowout, and huge peep-toe platform pumps that made her very nearly person-size. Forget that damnable balance beam, Alicia — you get a gold medal for negotiating New York's streets and precarious subway grates in those bad boys. Who cares about the Olympics when you have Fashion Week?” New York Times.
7. See? That's exciting.

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